Why should I transfer my domain to CorelHost?

With CorelHost, domain transfers are a stress-free experience, giving you the peace of mind to focus your attention on other important aspects of your online presence. The process can be completed in just a few simple steps:

– Backup all the data on your existing website

– Contact your existing domain provider and request your authorization code (this should be between 6 and 32 digits)

– Go to the CorelHost website and type your domain name into the domain transfer

– Enter your authorization code

– Follow the registration steps and confirm the domain transfer

CorelHost offers a smooth transition period so that your customers, your clients and your followers are not affected during the process. When it comes to transferring your domain, we understand that a secure, simple and hassle-free process is what our customers value the most.

As soon as you are up and running, you will receive an IP address allowing you to access your site and make any necessary changes. You can then transfer across all your old data and simply recreate your original site with your new host.
Note: if you’re planning to change the domain ownership information, you can do so in your current provider’s control panel. If you are transferring your domain to a new host, but the registration of your domain name remains with a third party, you will then need to provide updated registration and server information to your new hosting service.